Club Rides

Monthly Ride - MAY
Saturday, May 11th -9:00am
Meet at 180 Twin Springs Ln, Roseburg at 9am and we will ride to the central coast, Bandon Old Town.  We will meet the coast riders, have lunch and continue on riding up to Reedsport and cut over through Elkton back to Roseburg.  Anyone can cut off to go home at anytime to shorten your trip.
Review - Ride was fantastic!  We had 4 chapters represented.  Great time of fellowship, food and riding!  Had a minor breakdown towards the end of our run, but all the bikes and riders made it home safe!  Great times!

Monthly Ride - JUNE
Saturday, June 22nd - 10:00am
Meet at 180 Twin Springs Ln, Roseburg at 8am and we will ride down to Grants Pass, pick up our chapter there and ride to the Redwoods on the California/Oregon border. We will have lunch in Brookings, OR and continue our ride up the coast to Bandon, then back to Roseburg. GP chapter will drop off the Roseburg group and head home.

Monthly Ride - JULY
Saturday, July 13th, 2024 - 9:00am
Meet at 180 Twin Springs Ln, Roseburg at 9am and we will ride up hwy 138 to Crater Lake. We will have lunch at Diamond lake lodge and ride back. Depending on time, we may ride down to Shady Cove, drop off the GP/Medford riders and head back to Roseburg on the Tiller Hwy through the mountains.  This is a fantastic ride!

Monthly Ride - AUGUST
Saturday, August 24th, 2024 - 9:00am
Meet at 4550 W. 11th Ave, Eugene, OR at 9am
Ride the upper coast loop to Florence, down to Reedsport and back across.  The northern groups can break off at Elkton and continue back north and the southern groups will ride down the 138 to Roseburg and/or other locations.

Monthly Ride - SEPTEMBER
Saturday, September 14th, 2024 - 8:00am
Meet at 180 Twin Springs Ln, Roseburg at 8am
We will ride the Crater Lake/Medford loop, starting out on the 138 to Diamond/Crater Lake, then down to Beckies Diner in Prospect for lunch.  We will continue on down to Eagle Point and across to Grants Pass and back to Roseburg.  If the GP/Medford crews ride up in the morning, we will drop them off in Medford and GP and continue back up to Roseburg.

Ride/Route Suggestion